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General training on health and safety at work

Course coordinators

Prof. Umberto Benatti, Prof. Paolo Durando


Prof. Umberto Benatti, Prof. Paolo Durando, Prof. Giancarlo Icardi, Dr Michele Di Lecce.

Purpose of the course

The course aims to provide workers and equivalents with basic knowledge of the protection of health and safety in the workplace, in compliance with and pursuant to art. 37 of Legislative Decree no. 81/2008, of the State-Regions Agreement on worker training signed on 21/12/2011 and of the State-Regions Agreement on training signed on 07/07/2016.

Course programme:

  • MODULE 1: Prevention and safety at work
  • MODULE 2: Risk, hazard, safety, prevention and protection
  • MODULE 3: Organization of company safety
  • MODULE 4: Rights, duties and sanctions for corporate entities - Supervisory, control and support bodies

Delivery mode

The course is delivered via e-learning asynchronously on the LMS platform of the University of Genoa AulaWeb, based on Moodle


Each module includes short lessons consisting of a video and self-assessment questions.
After viewing all the video lessons and passing all the self-assessment tests along the way, the final learning test (Quiz) becomes available, which is passed by correctly answering 75% of the questions. The questions are multiple choice with only one correct answer.

Method of use

A Classroom Agreement must be accepted before accessing the contents of the first module. All the videos must be viewed in full and the self-assessment questions answered correctly in order to access the following module. The lessons that make up each module can be repeated as many times as you like.


Each module lasts approximately 1 hour, given by the length of the video lessons plus the time needed to complete the self-assessment. The entire course lasts 4 hours.

Badge and certificate

After passing the final test, participants are awarded a course badge (digital certificate according to the Open Badge standard for the representation of online verifiable skills) and a certificate in pdf format.